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About us

Netherlands Infrared Consulting and Modelling offers engineering consultancy in infrared & electro-optic systems for military and civilian applications. Primary activity addresses DIRCM systems for today's critical need for aircraft protection against terrorist attacks with MANPADS missiles

Infrared / electro-optic systems engineer with broad experience in scientific and engineering positions in the USA and Europe. For over a decade William Caplan, MSE, worked as lead Electronic Warfare scientist for electro-optics at the SHAPE Technical Centre / NATO C3 Agency

30 years of experience in electronic warfare, weapon systems and sensors is available as an independent consultant to address customer's needs in concept development, requirements definition, design, test and evaluation of sensor and countermeasure systems. Design, test and evaluation of infrared and SWIR dual-mode laser seekers

Invited Speaker
Aircraft Protection Information Analysis Centre
European Defence Conference 2011
Challenge 13 Workshop / Strategic Horizons Unit
Joint Intelligence Organisation
UK Cabinet Office
Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) in Air Defence
Air Defence Systems - Future Directions and Requirements
Requirements for laser countermeasures against imaging seekers
Keynote Speaker, Technologies for Optical Countermeasures, SPIE Security + Defence 2014
Futures Study
Advanced Command and Staff Course
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
Protecting aircraft in flight: equipment options and alternatives for on-board and ground-based system
CEE Air Transport