William Caplan, MSE, is an infrared & electro-optic systems engineer with broad experience in scientific and engineering positions in the US and Europe.  He has extensive background in weapon systems, sensors and infrared countermeasures.  Experienced in defining operational requirements for military end-users and developing Electronic Warfare tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)

Present work includes deployable security sensors for HLS (Homeland Security); sensors for automotive driver assist; advanced compact lightweight laser rangefinders; consultant on infrared countermeasures to IHS Janes; Dual mode SWIR/SAL (Short Wave Infrared) imaging seeker and SAL (Semi-Active Laser) seeker

1993 - 2006  NATO C3 Agency, Netherlands

Infrared signatures and countermeasures analysis; NATO air trials of IR countermeasures
Developed model of DIRCM effectiveness against IR missile seekers and provided recommendations on DIRCM installation on wide-body aircraft.
Simulation study of NATO Industrial Advisory Group 74 on protection of VIP aircraft against MANPADS.  Technical support to the NATO-EUROCONTROL security coordinating group joint study on vulnerability reduction against MANPADS.

Performance analysis and requirements definition for orbital sensor systems related to missile defense interceptors tracking and discrimination.  Concept development of Airborne Infrared for Early Warning sensor performance for HALE sensor platforms; evaluated performance of the Airborne Laser system and its integration into the missile defense battlespace. 

1980 - 1993  US & European defense contractors (Alenia, Aerojet, Alliant Techsystems/Honeywell)

Project engineer for a fiber-optic guided missile.  Modelled atmospheric effects and sensor performance in a UAV mission planning system to produce a UAV Tactical Decision Aid

Design and testing of infrared seekers for smart munitions and anti-air seekers.  Planning and executing field trials.

Design of IR seeker for Standard Missile 2.  Defense Support Program sensor modelling, orbital strategic systems and high-altitude anti-air seekers


Bachelor of Physics 1982
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

Master of Science in Systems Engineering (Optics) 1989
West Coast University, Los Angeles, USA

Patent: " Passive Image Sensor Navigation System "


Member SPIE

Active security clearance US TS; NATO COSMIC CTS/A; Italy N.O.S.